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Actually, it was just an idea: Ibought myself my first digital reflex camera. It was a Canon. That was in 2012. At that time photography did not have that importance to me. What photography really means was not so clear to my then.


Though, that changed faster than could have been expected. Out of the blue people photography was added as a feature. Shade and light, playing with colours now had a different meaning at all. I started a growing fascination and my own aspirations grew. Three years later the second DSLR was bought. It was a semi-professional EOS 70D. This meant a quantum leap with regard to technique and also opened new dimensions. Motivs turned out in quite a different light and also opened the way for a new way of looking at motives.


Pressing the release is easily made. However, with my images I would like to give you the pleasure of observing the image, give you

the excitement for the motive which was captured in the image.


My work is rather versatile. Subjects are city and architecture. I also do countryside. Also, I do travel photography. Finally I dedicate myself to people photography. There I do the classic portrait, fashion, lifestyle and studio work. The photographer is versatile as are the models.


From you as a private customer I take the shots you need for yourself and bring out your personality.


Besides the photography there is still the image editing and processing. This is all done by myself.


There is everything possible to implement your ideas. Sent me your enquiry.


Photographer at work - selfie
Photographer at work - selfie