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Travelling Photographer. The travel blog includes reports on journeys to places of interest. Travel advice is given on cities and countrysides as well. There will be continuous updates to the blog.


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People Photography

Portraits and more.



The best day of your life captured in images.


City Architecture Landscape

City and Countryside.



rambling through nature.



Travel blog to various  destinations. Contains reports on the place and images for your inspiration.

Blog on photographic subjects.


Some of my images can be bought from my webshop. The shop will be extended continuously.

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You can buy images from the Web Shop. The images are available as posters and in three different sizes. More details are in the shop.  Currently sales is possible only in Germany and in Austria.

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People Photography



Hello that is me from RL Photostyle. Thanks for being here. As you will see this site is about photography. As a photographer my scope of work is rather versatile. What you can see is people photography. People photography is something I love to do outdoor, on-location, when visiting events or simply in the studio. Some of the shots are on display here which were partly done in the studio and partly outdoor on location. People photography is something I really like doing. People photography is about portrait, people within their environment, getting married and weddings are also part of it. I do people photography with women and male models alike  and are always looking for new faces / models on TfP and pay basis. Sp. if you are interested in modelling get in touch and we arrange for a shooting. 


If you are a model and want to shoot with me just drop me a note. 


In this sections you will also find the genres cosplay, gothic, steampunk & fashion.


Wedding - Anniversaries

Wedding day, the best day in a couples life or the anniversary of that best day. You would like to remember the day of your wedding and you would like to keep the memories of the anniversary and have some good pictures you can look at all the time. This is where I can help you. You tell me your plans and ideas and then we plan the day together what and how we bring your day in the picture.



City & Countryside

The other subject I currently work on is travel photography. For that I a am travelling throughout European countries looking for good motives. The travel blog, also available on this site gives some insight on the adventures throughout Europe.


My base is Krefeld in Germany and from there I travel around Europe and see what our continent has to offer.  On my travels I cover everything I can train my camera on. For a start there is city photography which also covers architecture. So you will find me in historic towns and cities. This is because the old communities with their old houses are still so different from modernity with their tall buildings and the fast life people are leading. 


Outside towns and cities I roam the countryside and look what life offers in rural areas. 


The blog is about travelling. While travelling photographic material is produced.  In the blog images from city, street and countryside are being shown. The blog brings reports about specific days of the tour covering what we saw. There are information about the places and also there are links to other sites also covering the subject. 

In the blog are reports from 


New trips will be added continuously. The blogs also invites you to leave a comment . 


The blog contains map sections courtesy of google maps. There you can see the exact location of the site and also you can use the route planning function from google maps for your purposes.


Mont Saint-Michel Normandy Normandie France Frankreich travel blog blogger
Le Mont Saint-Michel Normandy / France

Landscape and Nature

Then there is nature. This is part of shooting in the countryside but it is also macro photography and also birds and other animals one can in front of the camera.

Lesser Black-Backed Gull
Lesser Black-Backed Gull


This section covers architecture. The images were taken using super wide angle lenses and Tilt-Shift lenses. In the following pages new images will be added from time to time. Also, there will be reports on how the pictures were made. The reader will also gather information on how camera and lenses were adjusted.

Rotterdam central station building architecture photography
Rotterdam Centraal Station


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