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Raymond Loyal Photography stands diversity in photography. One could say a "photographer is a photographer, is a photographer; meaning photography is all about diversity. I don't just do portrait. As a photographer I travel through cities and countryside. Photographic images of city and landscape can be seen under City and Countryside.


Architecture Photography captures buildings and architectural styles. If and when you are interested in architecture please click Architecture.

Transportation photography covers the wide topic of transport and logistics. A growing number of pics can be found under Transportation.


There is plenty of interesting photography and information for those who enjoy palaces, castles and palace gardens across Europe. My side "Palaces Castles" specialises on this subject. 


Wildlife Photography is very close to my heart and in the Wildlife section there are images of birds as well as information on wildlife photography, profiles on birds, informations on bird watching. 



fashion lifestyle photography raymond loyal and model dddomini
Lifestyle Fotografie



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Raymond Loyal

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Phone: +49 171 3627308


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Portrait Photography
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Genre Photography
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Outdoor Portrait Photography

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Pinup shootings
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Wedding Coverage
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Erotic Photography



City & Countryside


City and Countryside is all about life in the cities, people living there, landmark buildings, cityscapes and street photography. Things related to countryside are gardens, manors, castles and palaces and also farming and agricultural things. All in all this site highlights interesting photographic locations as sort of an inspiration for other photographers.


amsterdam image



Palaces Castles and Palace Gardens


My site "Palaces and Castles" publishes plenty of photographic material on palaces, castles and palace gardens across Central Europe. The photography is accompanied by information on the site and on the architecture. Also, the gardens there are images and information on the gardens.


moritzburg palace
Moritzburg Castle / Moritzburg Palace



Architecture and Architectural Photography


Architecture and architectural photography is set to show architectural styles, landmark buildings in our cities and focusses on Germany and Europe. The articles also highlight interesting photographic locations.


railway station rotterdam central station
Rotterdam Centraal Station



Transportation and Logistics


Transportation and logistics photography focusses on the photographic capture of modes of transports and of logistics operations. Under the term modes of transport you will find inland navigation, ocean going ships, container ships, inland harbours and oversea ports. You will also find interesting photographic locotions which are there to give inspirations to other photographers. 


transport images
Pusher boat on the river Rhine



Nature Photography


Nature photography shows nature in Germany and in Europe. By going through this site one can find interesting photo locations worthwile going to.


helgoland lange anna monument photography
Helgoland Lange Anna



Wildlife Photography


Wildlife photography is a special part of photography. The interested reader will find animal and bird photography at quite some extent. On top of that there are also information on birdwatching and  information on specific animal species.


northern gannet in flight
Wildlife Photography



Travel Blog - Travel Information and Inspiration


The blog section provides travel information and travel inspiration to destinations in Europe. Be inspired by the images that power the blog and gather some information on the destinations. The travel blog covers the countries France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republik, Switzerland. 

travel blog information inspiration images raymond loyal
Travel Blog - Travel Inspiration

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