Travel · 04. März 2018
A visit to the German City of Monschau, situated in the Eifel region, close to the City of Aachen and the Belgium border.
Travel · 28. Januar 2018
A short visit to the Belgium city of Gent. A historic place and also a modern city.
Travel · 19. Dezember 2017
Images made using the last light of the day at Le Mont Saint-Michel
Travel · 18. Dezember 2017
We continue to go through the monastery of Le Mont Saint-Michel. In this article the cloister is shown.
Travel · 18. Dezember 2017
This blog post shows some images from inside the abbey church of Le Mont Saint-Michel. The church is beautiful, especially from the inside.
Travel · 18. Dezember 2017
Continuation of a report on Le Mont Saint-Michel and the monastery.
Travel · 18. Dezember 2017
Our visit to the monastery of Le Mont Saint-Michel. In this part we describe a bit of the entrance procedure and show a few pics of the monastery. To be followed
Travel · 18. Dezember 2017
Le Mont Saint-Michel, I describe the way up to the upper terrace. The pictures show the outer walls of the abbey church and views of the landscape.
Travel · 16. Dezember 2017
Early night images from inside Le Mont Saint-Michel
Travel · 28. Oktober 2017
Visit to Kasteeltuinen, castle gardens at the Dutch town Arcen. Lovely area with plenty to see and worthwile to spend an afternoon there.

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