Holland · 29. July 2018
Alkmaar, one the Dutch cheese producing cities. Lovely place to to, to stay, maybe even to live there.
Holland · 01. July 2018
A walkabout in Gouda, one of the historic sites in The Netherlands, well known for its cheese.
Holland · 24. June 2018
A culture trip to another historic Dutch city: Dordrecht. Lovely place actually more or less situated on an island in the river. Time flows by and does the river and you can enjoy life.
Holland · 23. June 2018
We are still travelling the beautiful Netherlands, this time we went to see Hoorn on the Ijsselmeer.
Holland · 06. May 2018
A very impromptu visit to Amsterdam. Just to see what's up there, hoping to take some good shots.
Holland · 28. October 2017
Visit to Kasteeltuinen, castle gardens at the Dutch town Arcen. Lovely area with plenty to see and worthwile to spend an afternoon there.
Holland · 31. July 2016
this is a short article on a visit to the lovely city of Delft. It is nice to walk around there because there is so much to see.
Holland · 10. August 2013
A day out in Utrecht where we visited the historic city centre.