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Bretagne · 30. November 2018
Visit Pnte du Raz and breath the air of the Atlantic Ocean. Bretagne at its finest. Reisetipps für Reisende in die Bretagne.
Hungary · 25. September 2018
In this part of my travel blog I provide impressions on the city at daytime. And still, whether you walk about town at night or during daytime, you can feel the pulse of the city, people go about their profession, tourists roam the streets, simply the city, obviously, never sleeps. There are similarities to other cities, I will explore that bit later. Above you see the Budapest eye, the big wheel is in action all day long, whenever you come you can go for a ride. The pic was taken using a Canon...
Germany · 05. August 2018
Information and images on the island of Helgoland.
Germany · 04. August 2018
Day two of our trip to Helgoland.
Bretagne · 22. December 2017
Saint Malo ist eine bretonische Stadt mit 46.005 Einwohnern im Nordwesten Frankreichs. Die Festungsmauern von Saint Malo sind das Wahrzeichen der Stadt. Was es dort zu sehen gibt erfahrt Ihr hier.
Switzerland · 03. October 2014
Schaffhausen Rhine Falls is the larges waterfall in Europe. The article provides some editorial pics and information /facts as well.