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Germany · 05. August 2018
Information and images on the island of Helgoland.
Holland · 06. May 2018
A very impromptu visit to Amsterdam. Just to see what's up there, hoping to take some good shots.
Belgium · 10. April 2018
We found a church in Brugge that really is a jewel, the Karmeliter Kerk.
Belgium · 10. April 2018
These images are from a short trip to the city of Brugge / Bruges in Flanders / Belgium.
Normandie · 18. December 2017
Le Mont Saint-Michel, I describe the way up to the upper terrace. The pictures show the outer walls of the abbey church and views of the landscape. Reisetipps Normandie
Holland · 10. August 2013
A day out in Utrecht where we visited the historic city centre.