Passau an der Donau

RL Photostyle in Passau/Bavaria

Passau Dom foto
Passauer Dom

On my way to Budapest we stopped at Passau for a night. As it happens the this place has more to offer than one would think. The good Motivs only came to light when we left Passau this morning (23 Oct 2018). Budapest was calling and we had make a move. 

When we were looking for a garage to fill up on petrol we saw the city from the banks of the river Danube and, despite the rain, this place is simply wonderful, for the tourist as well as for the photographer. 

The night before we only went out for a meal and for some pics of the Passau Cathedral which is quite massive. There was only time for some pics of the front and some inside. See below.

Passauer Dom foto
Inside Passau Cathedral
Passauer Dom foto
Ceiling of Passau Cathedral

When we entered the Cathedral there was only 5 minutes left until closing and I managed to take some good shots of the interior, although with a tripod. Usually they don't like that. And I was right an official made me stop shooting because of the tripod. 

Still the results are alright, considering the circumstances.

Passauer Dom Orgal foto
Inside Passau Cathedral view of the organ

Passauer Dom foto
view across the centre aisle of Passau Cathedral
Passauer Dom foto
Passau Cathedral illuminated at night

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