Amsterdam Foto
Haarlemmerplein - Looking in the direction of Willembrug
Amsterdam Foto
Haarlemmerdijk at 1000h Sunday morning
Amsterdam foto
Haarlemmerdijk at 1000h Sunday morning

Hi folks, another trip to Holland. On Saturday late afternoon we did not exactly know what to do with the up-coming Sunday and considered, little wonder, to go somewhere in Holland. Weather was promising, at least according to the BBC weather forecast, so we packed our bags, and early on Sunday morning we went off to Amsterdam.

We parked the car somewhere near the Centraal Station (main station) packed our stuff on a trolley and got on our walk-about round the old city centre. It is worthwhile and, a must go and must see when the weather is good. And guess what, probably everyone else did the same, the city was simply packed to the rafters, so to speak. 


When going to Amsterdam for a day trip, don't just go there. First consider what you want to see. If you go by car, find yourself a car park where you can leave the car for the day. The car par should not be too far away from where you want to be. Figure out how much time you will need to go about town. Do not arrive too late. Even 10 am is actually too late during the weekend, especially on a Sunday. Better be there before 8 am. If you are early, especially in summer, you have the place nearly to yourself. Amsterdam will fill with people early enough. 


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Amsterdam Foto
Looking into Prinsengracht from Haarlemmerdijk

We all think of canals (Grachten) when we think of Dutch cities and towns, and that is, of course, quite an attraction, as you can see on the left. It appears that in Amsterdam almost everyone has a boot and spends the free time on the water. Still the streets were full of people as were the pubs, brasseries, cafes and all the places people would like to go to on a Sunday.

Amsterdam Grachten canals waterways
Amsterdam Prinsengracht at the corner Browersgracht

What you can see are the old houses. What is special about old buildings in Amsterdam are the, at times, tilted facades. Yes, one must say "at times", because there are also old houses which are absolutely straight.


Amsterdam foto
Little Pub at the corner Browersgracht / Prinsengracht

On the left: Pub at the corner Prinsengracht / Browersgracht.


We went down Prinsengracht till we turned into Leliegracht. See below

Amsterdam Foto
Leligracht in the direction of Herrengracht

There are house boats moored in Leliegracht and at times the owners put some art on display for the passersby and, of course, for themselves. See below:

Amsterdam foto Leliegracht foto
Leliegracht Art Display

Amsterdam foto

We were en route to the Amsterdam Royal Palais, simply walking down the streets looking what the city has on offer.

Ronde Lutherse Kerk Singelgracht

Amsterdam foto
Ronde Lutherse Kerk

Above: The Ronde Lutherse Kerk was built in the 17th century when immigrants from Flandern and the Baltics arrived in Amsterdam. The then Lutherian Church was too small and the Lutherans were not allowed to build a church with a bell tower, so this round house was erected. To be found at Singelgracht. 

Amsterdam foto
Amsterdam foto
Singelgracht small hotel

Again, we see these tilted facades.

Left: Singelgracht

Below: Singelracht

Amsterdam foto

View into a side lane of Singelgracht, below:

Amsterdam foto
Side lane to Singelgracht

Amsterdam Red-Light District

More by chance we drifted away and into a single lane with some strange buildings that prominently had red lights on display. 

Finally we made it to the backside of the Amsterdam Royal Palace. The palace could be any building because it is situated in the midst of the city and doesn't actually look the part, aside from the globe which is prominently put on display on the roof.

Amsterdam foto
Raadhuisstraat leading to the Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam

Above and left: Spuistraat at the corner Raadhuisstraat

Below: Backside of De Groote Kerk, situated beside the palace.

Amsterdam foto
Groote Kerk Amsterdam
Amsterdam foto
Palace and Groote Kerk at Nieuwezijds Voorbrugwal

Amsterdam Canals

Gracht Amsterdam canals Zuid Holland Tourism
Amsterdam canals

People enjoy themselves on Amsterdam canals, called Gracht, whenever possible. Honestly, what else could one do, when living in such a beautiful city?

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Certainly not bad for a Sunday day trip to Amsterdam and, promise, we will be back to Amsterdam soon.

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