Jewels in Brugge - Karmeliter Kerk

RL Photostyle: A church in Brugge

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Brugge foto
Karmeliter Kerk Brugge

When you walk down that street you would not expect much from the building shown on the left. So did I. More or less I was forced into that building and was more than impressed when I saw what was inside. So will you.

Words might fail to express what you see, call it superb, magnificent, luxuriant, whatever it is simply stunning. See for yourself.

Besides, the door is open and you can sit down inside the church and reflect on yourself. The church is absolutely quiet, there is no sound that might disturb you.


Brugge foto Belgique
Inside Karmeliter Kerk
Brugge foto
Kermeliter Kerk Brugge
Brugge foto belgique
Karmeliter Kerk Brugge

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