RL Photostyle in Monschau

Monschau Foto
Monschau Rotes Haus

Not knowing what to do with a Sunday, we went to Monschau, situated in the Eifel region and close to the city of Aachen and the Belgium border. 

Monschau comes up with a historic city centre and you feel like walking trough a museum. The city, enjoys a tremendous number of tourists flocking through the streets. Monschau has quite a number of B&Bs and hotels and, of course plenty of coffeehouses. If you travel by car, don't worry, car parks are available at the perimeters of the city and you have only a short walk from there to the city centre. Below are some more images of Monschau to look at. Enjoy.


monschau photography
Protestant church in Monschau

The protestant church on the left.

Below:  Old timber-framed houses on the river Rur

Monschau Foto

Monschau photography
Sculpture of a trader in Monschau

Sculpture of a travelling merchant. These people came from the city of Aachen and travelled around the countryside to sell their merchandise to the people.

Monschau Catholic Church

Monschau foto
Inside the catholic church Monschau
Monschau foto
Catholic Church Monsch bell tower
Monschau foto
Catholic church Monschau

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    Gundi (Sunday, 15 April 2018 23:58)

    Das ist alles so schön. Super Bilder.