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Mont Saint-Michel abbey
belltower of Mont Saint-Michel abbey

Once you have managed the long wide flight of stairs you arrive at a terrace directly accessing the abbey church, which sits very prominently at the very centre of the entire site. On the left you can see the church tower with its prominent spire that hosts a figure at its very top. That figure is the archangel Michael, depicted as a Roman soldier. That figure can be bought down in the small village below the monastery in every shop they have. The size ranges from very small to rather large, depending on how much space the purchaser can muster at his home. 

Besides, considering the fact that an archangel is given a human shape, than it is rather questionable why that angel is  depicted as a Roman soldier. 

Anyway, the side doors are not for public entrance. You will have to go through a side building only to step onto another terrace, from which the visitor is granted access to the abbey church.

Going to that place is a must. In case you require pure tourism information go to their official website for further information. The site is bilingual in French and English.


However, you have a tremendous view over the landscape from East to the West as is shown below. When we were there the weather changed constantly from cloudy to sunny at rather short intervals. But that what you can expect at the coastline. Also it shows us, that we humans have no influence over the so-called weather at all. The following pics show the countryside, the dam and the bridge that connect the mainland with the island; also you have two pics showing the terraces I was on about before.

Mont Saint-Michel foto Mont Saint-Michel photography Normandie
The monastery - Le Mont Saint-Michel

At the end of the long flight of stairs, you stand right beside the church. The doors on the left are not for use by tourists. 

Below: The terrace at the top of the monastery. From there you enter into the church, the door is to be seen on the left. From the terrace you have a good view of the Baie du Mont Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint-Michel foto Mont Saint-Michel photography Normandie
Le Mont Saint-Michel

Seagulls live at the monastery and are not so afraid of humans coming too close, on the contrary, the gulls actually expect you to share your sandwiches with them, whether you like it or not; and they pose for the photographers to bring home nice shots of seagulls, as is shown below. Isn't she cute?

Mont Saint-Michel foto Mont Saint-Michel photography
Sea gull on the battlements of Le Mont Saint-Michel

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