Newsflash: New blog entry in Bretagne. Some insights into the town of Roscoff in Finistere, additions to the Calvaire section



Newsflash: Do not hesitate to check out Prague

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Prague photography
Prague seen from the river Moldavia with Charles Bridge in the background / creator and copyright Raymond Loyal

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Rotterdam photography
Rotterdam Central Station

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Places, Names

Places, City, Countryside

Budapest photography

Going Places, see for yourself what's on offer. Images to remember. Images to show to others. City, street & countryside. Images that show the world through the lenses of the camera.


Brugge photography
Brugge Beginenkloster

Going Places. The Traveller has something to report on. The photographer provides the images to give more visuality to the report. A blog on travel and photography.

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Budapest photography
People enjoying themselves

Shooting people is more than just taking shots of something. Bring out the best in people. 

Nice Legs
Nice Legs

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