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Pic of the week / Bild der Woche

Pic of the week publishes a new picture every week. /

Im Bild der Woche wird wöchentlich ein neues Bild veröffentlicht.

Salzburg photography
Salzburg upon Salzach // Salzburg an der Salzach im Salzburger Land / Österreich

People - Menschen - Gesichter - Faces

model photography

Hello there and welcome to my site. This site is all about photography. As a photographer I cover several photographic topics such as people, portrait, travel, city, street, architecture and nature. From these topics you will find pics all over this site. You will find a more detailed intro in the English section. Just go to the menu and select English. From there you will find your way down through sitemap.

The blog gives pics and information about places I have been to. Instagram leads you to my Instagram account where you can see the last 6 posts.

model photography

Hallo und willkommen auf meiner Seite. Hier dreht sich alles um Fotografie; als Fotograf arbeite ich in mehreren Bereichen, wie z.B. People, Porträt, Reise, City, Street, Architektur und Natur. Bilder aus diesen Bereichen finden sich überall in der Seite. Eine detailliertere Einleitung findest du im Bereich German. Wähle im Menu German an. Von dort findest du deinen Weg durch die Sitemap.

Im Blog gibt es Bilder und Information zu Orten, die ich besucht habe. Instagram zeigt meine letzten Posts auf Insta.

B/W FineArt

Bookings / Buchungen

portrait photography
Portrait photography

Buch dir dein Shooting

Folge dem Link 

Get you own shooting

Just follow the link to get to the booking page (English)

Click the pics to get to the relevant section and learn more … 


Frankfurt photography
Frankfurt Skyline

Click the pic for more of this …..


wildlife photography
Grey Heron feeding in the meadows in spring

Click the pic to learn more … 


nature photography
Early morning on a lake

PhotoArt - City - Countryside and more

Prague photography
Prague seen from the river Moldavia with Charles Bridge in the background / creator and copyright Raymond Loyal

Click the pic to learn more … 

PhotoArt pics are to be found in the blog section of this site.   

PhotoArt-Bilder befinden sich im Blog-Bereich dieser Seite


Rotterdam photography
Rotterdam Central Station

Click on the pic to learn more!


transportation photo
Pusher tug with 6 lighters on the river Rhine on its way to Ruhrort

Places, Names

Places, City, Countryside

Budapest photography

Going Places, see for yourself what's on offer. Images to remember. Images to show to others. City, street & countryside. Images that show the world through the lenses of the camera.


Brugge photography
Brugge Beginenkloster

Going Places. The Traveller has something to report on. The photographer provides the images to give more visuality to the report. A blog on travel and photography.

Travel Blogs / Reiseblogs


Budapest photography
People enjoying themselves

Shooting people is more than just taking shots of something. Bring out the best in people. 

people photography
Nice Legs

Urban Wildlife

urban wildlife photography
Dove drinking from a puddle

Buy Pictures

You can buy my pictures from several agencies, where I am listed. The links will refer you directly to the agencies and my sites.

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